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Choosing the best home-based weather station for your home depends on a variety of parameters. That is because each weather station is different, and each will have a variety of different features.

If you have never bought or looked for the best weather station for your home before, here are a few things you may want to look for before you decide.

The LCD monitor -- When you buy a weather station, you want to be sure the LCD monitor is easy to read. Especially in inclement weather.

Wi-Fi connections -- Part of how a home-based weather station works so well is that it uses a Wi-Fi connection to connect to large weather stations online. This is why you should only ever buy a home-based weather station that has an enhanced Wi-Fi connection.

The weather data it collects -- If you need to buy the most accurate home-based weather station, the more weather data it collects the better. Before choosing a station, therefore, make sure it collects data on wind speed, temperature, the barometric pressure, the dew point, heat index and a slew of other data.

Frequent weather updates -- The whole point of having a home-based weather station is that you have access to accurate and frequent weather updates.

This is why you should always check how often a weather station will give you updated weather information, and eliminate those from your list that do not provide frequent updates.

Electricity powered or battery -- Some weather stations only run on electricity, while others are battery powered. The best weather stations tend to run on electricity with a battery powered back up. That way your weather station never goes down and stays down.

Look for a weather station with most of these features, and you should find yourself owning the best weather station for your home.